Best Investing Resources and Tips

One of the most difficult aspects of finding sound investment advice is talking to people that aren’t trying to sell you something. So where can you go and who can you talk to without getting caught in a hidden agenda? Well here’s a list of a few resources I’ve uncovered through the years that have helped in my financial understanding.

General Information

For starters, if you’re looking for basic information on stocks and bonds, you’ll find it hard to get a better resource than This site has a wealth of information that’s all free and available to the public. Since the site is very robust, it’s likely it can answer almost any financial investing questions you might have.

Simulation Investing

Have you ever wanted to test your strategy before you actually try it out with your hard earned cash? Well, at the Motley Fool, you can do just that. By signing up for a free account, you can pick stocks that you feel will beat the SP 500 and test your strategy. Not only can you test your strategy, but you can also track the successes of other members and users. This approach will definitely provide a quick a free way to validate your investing approach.

Video Based Learning

Although investing is a hard subject to thoroughly understand, visiting the next resource may add a few steps of enthusiasm to your approach. By visiting a website called, you’ll be sure to watch over 10 hours of video content that teaches investors how to invest like Warren Buffett. The site also provides a money forum where members contribute to each other’s stock and bond picks. Although the site isn’t as large as other investment sites, its community of forum members are some of the most astute investment thinkers you’ll find.

With so much information available online, it’s easy to get tricked into thinking a site is an informational authority when in fact is a marketing scheme. When it comes to investing, these three sites are simply the best on the net. With a little determination and a lot of studying I’m sure these resources will provide you with the knowledge to talking your investing goals.

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